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My Resignation From Internet Forums

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My Resignation From Internet Forums Empty My Resignation From Internet Forums

Post by The_Joker Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:34 pm

I am going to make this short.

I am done with internet forums.

It has been a good ten years playing on the forums in my quest of philosophical introspection but I think I've learned everything there is the world has to offer namely that this world is occupied by festering morons and fucking retards.

I've tried presenting a philosophy of blunt and brute honesty here and elsewhere but from what I've come to understand is that all of that is quite pointless with a world that revolves around fictitious deceptions and perception fantasies.

My only advice to people is to take care of your genetic progeny and your own.

Pay attention only to your own self interests as that is all you can do.

Pay attention to your own survival and be ruthless doing so as this world will show you no mercy or compassion.

This world of reckless abandon is beyond saving and is indeed both damned and doomed.

These same fucking idiots, morons, simpletons, and retards that cling onto their fictitious God, government, morality, authority, politics, and laws will only be happy once they have crushed the human instinct to live along with destroying the entire planet as we know it.

To my friends and allies I wish you all the best of luck in your respective lives.

To my enemies I wish upon you all the world's misfortune.

This is the Joker now signing out permanently and forever indefinitely.

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